Fiber box II

Fiberbox II: an advanced optical isolation tool engineered to enhance the performance of all CAS (Computer Audio Source) playback systems. The purpose of Fiberbox is to substantially reduce network noise and reclock signals, combating the sensitivity of computer music playback systems to interference.

In typical network systems, routers emit 2.4G and 5G signals that can interfere with LAN cables, leading to significant degradation in sound quality. Fiberbox overcomes this issue by using electro-optical and photoelectric conversion technologies to methodically isolate and eliminate high-frequency interference.

As an indispensable accessory for CAS systems, Fiberbox has been consistently enhanced and optimized over time. It integrates seamlessly with current connections such as Tidal, MQA, DLNA, and Roon Bridge, and can accommodate any music format protocol. It also minimizes jitter’s influence on signal transmission, ensuring a smooth and stable audio experience.

Our breakthrough lies in the synchronous clock we’ve developed. By optimizing the two fiber modules, we’ve managed to reduce jitter to an absolute minimum. As these modules operate on synchronized clock signals, the optical fiber meets the same stringent requirements when transmitting and receiving signals, thereby significantly reducing jitter.

Moreover, our high-quality signal transformer offers complete isolation for the clock and fiber module, resulting in extremely low phase noise.

The Fiberbox is further enhanced by a high-quality power supply (LPS) that emits noise less than 0.2mVrms. This ensures that the sound output remains 100% pure, regardless of the volume. As a result, the power of the sound is more impactful, the spatial range wider and deeper, and the vocals and details exceptionally defined.

The OCXO (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator) system clock provides ultra-low jitter between 0.25-0.35ps, and the Frequency Stability is within ±10 ppb Phase. With a LAN Speed of 1000M, the Fiberbox offers superior audio performance that transcends expectations.

  • OCXO system clock for extreme low jitter 0.25-0.35ps
  • Frequency Stability ±10 ppb Phase
  • 1000M LAN Speed

Warranty: 2 years


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