Firebird LPS

LPS is the most important part in every audio system! No matter what kind of equipment such as Phono, DAC, NAS, Switch Hub, Router, External HDD, etc…

Using LPS will have a significant improvement in sound quality, because most of the adapters is Switch Mode Power supply or cheap iron core cattle will be given to you.

Due to cost constraints, their switch noise and ripples are also very large, which will directly affect the sound quality and background noise. There will also be-affect the stability of the equipment.

Our LPS is designed to improve the above problems. From the academic point of view, after many calculations and experiments to achieve results. I never use HiFi parts blindly, because I use data as a standard, and advanced HiFi parts only serve as the final seasoning.

Discrete Circuit design better than IC design, provide Low noise, fast reaction, More Power and less heat.

Our AC transformer we used are certified by EN61558, and all the completed LPSs have also under full loading and noise testing before they are shipped to ensure that they are of the best quality.


In the real test situation, it can provide a more tranquil background reduce tone noise. and the sound is effectively improved, so we highly recommend that you use it!


  • Ripple and Noise (20Hz to 20Mhz) 0.02mVrms
  • Full Discrete Circuit design
  • Extreme Double Regulator design
  • 30000uF Mundorf Capacitors
  • Custom made Grounded isolation Transformer
  • Silent “Start” grounding design on PCB
  • Independent channel outputs
  • Audio grade FI-03R IEC inlet
  • Top quality handmade 1.5M OFC DC cable
  • Analog Voltage Meter with backlight (switch off possible)
  • Top quality 6061 solid Aluminum to CNC one integration chassis to reduce mechanical vibration and better EMI isolation.
  • Floating Suspension between body and bottom chassis
  • Top quality stainless steel spike shoes included
  • Short Circuit protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Dimensions 278mm x 302mm x 90mm (LxDxH)
  • Weigh 10kg

Product Review:

Mono&Stereo Review Review



Mono&Stereo Best Buy Product 2023


3 output versions available: 5V10A,  12V10A, 19V6A

5V,10A For Fiber to LAN converters, Switch hubs, Cubox, Raspberry pi etc

12V,10A For Switch hubs, Router, Fiber modem, NAS, External HDD, DAC, NAS, PC, External HDD etc

19V,6A For Notbook, NUC, Router, etc

Warranty: 2yr


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