Ediscreation Dual Mono Block Amp EC-2

1.Hi-end 6061 Aluminum alloy Chassis for high strength and heat radiating.
2.Individual Transformer provide 100% energy for each channel.
3.High Fidelity Class A/B for optimized sound experience.
4.Modular 200W/channel design for better sound separation and details.
5.Soft start circuitry protection
6.Individual speaker protection
7.XLR, RCA input select
8.12v ON/OFF Trigger function
9.Rhodium IEC Inlet
10.CMC gold RCA Socket
11.Neutrik Gold XLR Socket
12.Made in Hong Kong
13.Size: 45L x44.5D x 9Hcm
14.Weight: 10.5kg

1.200W (8ohm)/ch,
2.High Fidelity Class A/B
3.THD: 0.009% 1K HZ
4.Rated power bandwidth: 20-20KHZ +/-0.5dB
5.Signal to Noise Ratio:114dB
6.Power gain 30dB
7.Input Impedance: Unbalanced: 23k ohm, Balance 23k ohm
8.40,000uF total Capacitance
9.250VA Toroidal transformer x2pcs

10. Damping factor  250/8ohm.

Warranty: 2 years


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