Ediscreation Balanced Audio Power Supply EC-2000

EC2000: A Power Station designed with a Pure Balanced Isolation Transformer, capable of reproducing 2000W of clean, isolated sine wave power. It’s the ideal power solution for your HiFi equipment, from medium to large amplifiers to various source equipment.

One of the key features of the EC2000 is Ground EMI Isolation, which effectively blocks EMI Noise originating from Earth points. This feature ensures cleaner power delivery for better audio performance. For added safety, the EC2000 includes lightning protection, as well as overheating and overcurrent protection features to safeguard your HiFi systems.

The EC2000 casing has been designed with a lower center of gravity (CG) to significantly minimize vibrations. It’s constructed from 20mm 6061 Aluminum alloy, paired with a Red Copper Base, ensuring no compromise on material quality for extreme durability.

By integrating the EC2000 into your system, you can expect a substantial improvement in sound quality. It eliminates hum, reduces background noise, and enhances micro dynamics. If you’re seeking top sound quality, safety, and exceptional performance, the EC2000 is your best choice.


  1. CNC aluminum alloy shell has good heat dissipation function
  2. 3mm Red Copper bottom plate absorbs shock and EMI
  3. The 15mm-thick Hiend Socket Panel protects the plug from being displaced by external forces and causing poor contact.
  4. The slim profile specially designed for Hong Kong homes is only 90mm, easy to place
  5. Ultra-low center of gravity design reduces the impact of vibration and performs better than any traditional size transformer!
  6. Taiwan’s Hifi-level balanced transformer Core by Japan, design for reduces external noise.
  7. Independent ground wire filtering, all the EMI problems from the ground wire are filtered out, truly super quiet and hifi ground!
  8. 10kA lightning protection
  9. Temperature overload protection
  10. Soft start protection
  11. 2000W full power
  12. DC blocking function
  13. Separate no limit output for Amplify using


  1. The transformer complies with the EN61558 safety standard.
  2. Brand new Japanese transformer core
  3. 4 sets of FURUTECH gold-plated sockets FPX (G)
  4. FURUTECH IEC rhodium-plated IEC Inlet plug
  5. Bybee Quantum Purifier (Option)

Weight: 24Kg

MADE in Hong Kong

Size: 45L x44.5D x 9Hcm

Weitht: 24Kg

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 450 × 445 × 90 mm


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