Ediscreation Ultra Silent Ripper

Ediscreation Ultra Silent Ripper, is designed for Perfection CAS player who needed Audiophile solution for CD format ripping.

It is optimized LPS, OCXO clock, UPOCC cable, Pioneer S12J-X Bluray Machine, Low Vibration housing and Audio ground together.

USB3.0 Hi speed I/O for plug and play to any computers for operation, Work with most famous CD rip software like EAC, DBpowerrip (software not include)


  • LPS

Ultralow noise discrete regulators with 10000uF capacitor and High performance

fully encapsulated PCB mounting toroidal transformers, provide stable, Fast action and Clear power for ripper.


  • OCXO clock

OCXO system clock on USB3.0 provide extreme low jitter 0.25-0.35ps

And Frequency Stability ±20 ppb Phase connection link for data transmission to computer.


  • UPOCC Cable

UPOCC cable for all Power interconnection.


  • Reference Silver SATA cable

Silver cable for best digital data transmission


  • Pioneer S12J-X Bluray Machine

The best of market CD ripper Machine, provide ultra-accuracy ripping ability.


  • Low Vibration Housing

Red Copper is the best material for Housing in the Most Hiend audio items, it provide solid foundation and low vibration platform, we designed sandwich mechanism to eliminate spinning vibration. Using 2 pcs Red copper combine with CD rom and Damper material. So, most vibration will eliminated and CD data will become clearer.


  • IEC inlet

Furutech FI-06NCF included


Size: 200L x 308D x 92Hmm


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